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About Alaska Statewide Guides
We live in a majestic part of the world where the mountains are some of the largest in the world, rivers run fast and cold, and animals are world record sized. It is a land that will touch your soul and haunt your memories. The land can be just as fragile as it is unforgiving. It is the mission of Alaska Statewide Guides to take you where few others have been and provide you with your trip of a lifetime. Alaska Statewide Guides is owned by Joe and Crystal Miller. They are lifelong Alaskans that have spent their lives in the outdoors. They both grew up here in the interior of Alaska and are now raising their family here. Crystal is second generation Alaskan. She grew up in the Wrangell Mountains on a trap line and helping her Grandparents with their historic roadside lodge. Besides her love for the outdoors Crystal also works with young children experiencing disabilities in the rural parts of Alaska. Joe has spent his life in Alaska and has been guiding across state for 15 years.


We ended up bringing 5 caribou home with us. We had an excellent time hunting. Thank you very much for accommodating us and making this a hunt we will never forget. - Chris
I guess there may be other guides in Alaska that could have done it as well, but I absolutely believe none could have done it better. We hit the lottery when we were assigned the two of you. - Fred