Frequently Asked Questions



Does it cost anything to perform a guide search?

No.  Our “Find A Guide” search is absolutely free. 



Is there any commitment required?

There’s no commitment required in using our service, however our Terms of Service agreement requires that any user of our service be at least 18 years old, be truly interested in booking a hunting or fishing trip with a guide (or have the intent of booking a guide), be the decision maker, and have the financial means and ability to book a trip with a guide.  For more information about the cost of booking a guide, please view the Guide Prices/Services page.



How does finding a guide on your website work?

First, you submit a brief description of your guide needs by answering a few questions, such as the location you plan to hunt or fish, the species of animal or fish you would like to harvest, when you plan to book your trip, and the expected size of your group.  

After providing these answers and your contact information, then matches your specific needs to the guides that can fulfill your request, and they deliver free quotes to your inbox!  It’s that simple!



How do I know if I’m getting the right guide? thoroughly screens every guide service company before including them into our network, so you can be confident in your selection.  In addition, you can also check out the guide’s profile, user ratings, and reviews in our Guide Directory.



What criteria is a guide required to meet before becoming a member of the network?

Every guide service company must meet requirements for guide certification, business establishment, and liability insurance coverage, so you can trust that you’re only dealing with professionals.

Note:  Guide service company information, as described above, is confirmed at the time of their enrollment in the network, however this information may change or expire over time.  While attempts to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, and confirms changes when notified, we cannot guarantee that profile and screening information is accurate or up-to-date.  Therefore, we recommend that before choosing your guide service company, you verify that their information is still current and / or acceptable to you.  



How does get paid if this is a free service?

There is no cost to you for use of this service because guide service companies pay advertising fees to participate in the network.  Guide service companies specify the type of services they provide and the locations they serve and the seasons they operate. provides customer leads that match these requests and guide service companies pay a small fee for each lead they receive.  These fees do not affect your quotes.



Where do the guide reviews come from?

Guide reviews are only accepted from users that have used the service to book a guide or verified customer testimonials.



How do I submit a guide review?

A Rating and Review request will be emailed to you upon your selection of a guide.  Once your hunting or fishing trip is complete, please take a minute to rate and review your guide to let others know of your experience.  Bookings are verified with all Rating and Review submissions to ensure the quality and accuracy of information for our website users.




Have an additional question?

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