Wisconsin Man Suspected Of Killing 100 Deer, Giving Hunting A Bad Rap

This is the sort of story that makes hunters and conservationists cringe.  Fox News reported that Nathan Blaha and 3 other young men from Wisconsin are being charged with “thrill killing” and are suspected of killing 100 deer within the past two years. A penalty which could land him in jail for 6 months and a minimum $1,000 fine. It’s reported that Blaha admitted to being involved in a contest to see who could bag the most deer.

What’s really unfortunate about this, is the bad rap it gives to the sport of hunting, lumping ethical hunters and the Nathan Blaha’s of the world all into one group. Can you imagine the affect that this could have on hunting regulations, not only in Wisconsin, but other states and provinces? This will be an interesting case to watch and a good reminder to teach our youth about ethical hunting practices and prepare them to act morally and responsibly on all their hunting trips.

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