Prepare Your Favorite Fish and Game Recipes

… and reap the rewards of your hunt.

There is nothing more satisfying than preparing a nice tasty dinner from the game you personally harvested. As food prices continue to climb, there is more reason to harvest your own food, whether it be a vegetable garden and/or going out into the wild yonder and taking your own meat. Hunters and fishermen tend to focus a lot about what to do up to the point of “the kill”. You can read a lot about what gear to buy for the adventure you are planning. How do we prepare for certain conditions in the wild. We also talk a lot about which gun is best to use in what terrain, and game being hunted. How do we remove rust from a gun? How do we stock and kill our game? What is the best method to field dress a deer and remove it properly from the field?

Sometimes we forget to focus on how to best enjoy our kill. It’s time to reap the benefits of the slaughter. According to the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook venison is definitely the most abused food.

Venison may or may not be the most popular game meat, but it is definitely the most abused. I can’t tell you how many people I have served venison to who have had to overcome some prior bad experience with it. “Ew, it’s so tough. It tastes like liver.” Yes, if you overcook it and handle the meat poorly when you kill the animal it will be poor fare at the table. Another secret is to avoid trophy hunters: They tend to kill big, testosterone-soaked bucks shot during the rut, which can be iffy as table fare. Go for a young buck or better yet, a doe.

Of course there are many ways to prepare the feast and it is only in your own best interest to read up on the best methods to cook your game. How wasteful and disappointing would it be to spend thousands of dollars to book a trip for a hunt of a lifetime, you spend a week in a nice remote area of North America and have a wonderful time, see lots of game, and shoot a trophy… you come back home and invite friends and relatives over to taste your victory, and discuss your trip and then you soon find out the food isn’t cooked properly because you didn’t know much about preparing it.

Check out Dry Rubbed Rat blog for tips on smoking your game. One of my personal favorite articles is on Country Style Ribs.

Some people claim that it’s all about the seasoning. Wild Eats is a great resource.

Do you know of any good resources to cook up wild game? If so let us know.

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