Prepare Your Favorite Fish and Game Recipes

… and reap the rewards of your hunt.

There is nothing more satisfying than preparing a nice tasty dinner from the game you personally harvested. As food prices continue to climb, there is more reason to harvest your own food, whether it be a vegetable garden and/or going out into the wild yonder and taking your own meat. Hunters and fishermen tend to focus a lot about what to do up to the point of “the kill”. You can read a lot about what gear to buy for the adventure you are planning. How do we prepare for certain conditions in the wild. We also talk a lot about which gun is best to use in what terrain, and game being hunted. How do we remove rust from a gun? How do we stock and kill our game? What is the best method to field dress a deer and remove it properly from the field?

Sometimes we forget to focus on how to best enjoy our kill. It’s time to reap the benefits of the slaughter. According to the Hunter Angler Gardener Cook venison is definitely the most abused food.

Venison may or may not be the most popular game meat, but it is definitely the most abused. I can’t tell you how many people I have served venison to who have had to overcome some prior bad experience with it. “Ew, it’s so tough. It tastes like liver.” Yes, if you overcook it and handle the meat poorly when you kill the animal it will be poor fare at the table. Another secret is to avoid trophy hunters: They tend to kill big, testosterone-soaked bucks shot during the rut, which can be iffy as table fare. Go for a young buck or better yet, a doe.

Of course there are many ways to prepare the feast and it is only in your own best interest to read up on the best methods to cook your game. How wasteful and disappointing would it be to spend thousands of dollars to book a trip for a hunt of a lifetime, you spend a week in a nice remote area of North America and have a wonderful time, see lots of game, and shoot a trophy… you come back home and invite friends and relatives over to taste your victory, and discuss your trip and then you soon find out the food isn’t cooked properly because you didn’t know much about preparing it.

Check out Dry Rubbed Rat blog for tips on smoking your game. One of my personal favorite articles is on Country Style Ribs.

Some people claim that it’s all about the seasoning. Wild Eats is a great resource.

Do you know of any good resources to cook up wild game? If so let us know.

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Elk Hunting Outfitters

Are you interested in planning an elk hunting trip? Elk hunting outfitters can save you a lot of time and provide quality elk hunts. Elk hunting guides practically eliminate the time consuming research required to find the “best place to hunt”.

Elk Hunting OutfittersUsually the amount of money you are willing to spend will ultimately dictate many details about where and how you will hunt elk. A good elk hunting guide WILL get you into elk. They know where the elk are and how they move in the area they guide. The success of their business hinges on them knowing where and how to get you within shooting range.

If you harvest one, in most cases, the guide will haul it out for you. However, there are no guaranteed elk hunts in the wild. A good elk guide will guarantee that he can get you in on elk and see them. You’ll have to do the rest, including walking long distances on demanding elk terrain. Some outfitters will provide horses to get you into a remote area , but you will probably still have to walk to find the elk.

Finding a good elk hunting outfitter would be a great way to do some quality elk hunting. Guided elk hunts are rich learning experiences and the expertise is invaluable. Remember, elk hunting guides want you well rested and energized, so they tend to provide plenty of good food and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Consider getting set up with an elk hunting outfitter. The learning experience will be well worth the money.

You can receive FREE quotes by email from reputable elk hunting outfitters, no matter where you’re planning to take your elk hunting trip, by clicking here.

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Go To Alberta Canada For Your Next Hunting or Fishing Adventure

Alberta, Canada has one of the most diverse terrains in all of the Canadian Provinces. From the rugged mountains to the rolling plains, you can find a massive array of things to do. When it comes to trophy hunting you can choose elk, white-tail deer, moose, black bear, big horn sheep, mule deer, antelope and wolf.

Alberta is also an angler’s PARADISE! With more than 600 lakes, 245 rivers and 315 spring-fed creeks and ponds, both novice and expert alike can enjoy and challenge themselves. Whether you want to cast, troll or fly fish, get ready for a premium experience.

Here at Hunt And Fish Guides we currently have several outfitters from Alberta, Canada who are waiting to accommodate you on a hunting or fishing expedition.

Click Here to get several free quotes from Outfitters in Alberta or any destination in North America!

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Maine Bill Could Criminalize Bear Hunting and Trapping

Bill draft 1080, as presented to the Maine Legislature by Representative Alan M. Casavant (D- Biddeford), could criminalize bear trapping and bear hunting with dogs.

In a news report from the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, the hunting advocate group quotes, Skip Trask, of the Maine Trapper’s Association. Skip says:

“Maine has more bears per square mile of habitat than any other state and the population is continuing to expand. This fact doesn’t matter to animal extremists who try to attack our bear harvesting methods every chance they get,” said Skip Trask with the Maine Trappers Association. “Trapping and hunting with dogs are important and necessary tools for managing our large black bear population.”

Jeremy Rine, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance associate director of state services had this to say:

“This bill is an outright attack on Maine sportsmen. Not only does it ban two popular and successful methods of bear hunting and conservation but seeks to classify sportsmen as criminals. All sportsmen need to make calls to oppose this legislation.”

Thanks also to Muskoka Outdoors for posting…

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How Our Customer Leads Service Can Benefit Your Business

There are a few things to keep in mind when registering with our customer leads service here at First off, we are about quality control. We believe that leads generated through our site is our product, and our purpose is to develop the highest quality product out there, not to simply generate volume.

Each and every hunter and fisherman who fills out our form will be screened before we pass that information on to you. We believe in our product and because of this, we feel we don’t need to charge any client up front before we deliver.

The problem with paying a flat fee each month and receiving unlimited leads (a service some of our competitor’s offer) creates several problems:

1) Inconsistency – If each client pays the same amount but receives a different amount of leads each month then not all clients are getting the same promotion. For example, if Client 1 pays $500 per year and gets 300 leads then they are paying roughly $1.67 per lead. Client 2 is also paying $500 per year for the same program but only receives 100 leads. Maybe it’s because of the region they are located in or some other factor, but whatever the reason, they are paying $5 per lead. Client 1 is getting a much better deal for the same program.

2) Lower Quality – If a client pays a flat fee each month then the quality of the leads will go down. The ability to just send along information on a whim increases. Weeding out poor leads is part of quality control. Having a client pay up front puts the burden on the lead generation service to deliver enough leads to make it worth it for the client. Because of this burden, it’s easy to pass on un-screened contact information when it becomes available in order to “prove” to the client that the program is working. In essence this drives quality down substantially.

3) Robs Your Time – If you are receiving low quality leads, then not only are you not getting your money’s worth, but you are being robbed of your time. Time is money. Sure, receive 300 leads and contact all of them and maybe you will book a hunt. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! The amount of time and effort you go through to contact potential clients to book a hunt is astonishing.

So why does our model work?

First off, we strive for quality. We want all of our guides to be successful and use our service all the time.

No Risk

Secondly, if we don’t send you any customer leads, you don’t pay anything. There is NO RISK! In other words, if we don’t send you our product, then you don’t pay for something that you never received. And we don’t feel the pressure to send you junk leads so your monthly/yearly rate is justified. If we send Client 1  300 leads, then they pay for 300 leads. If Client 2 only receives 100, then they only pay for 100 leads. It’s the same program, yet all clients are paying what they receive from us.

One of the greatest benefits of our program is our control panel. Once you register, you can set a budget. If you don’t want to receive any more than 10 leads per month you can set it. If you want unlimited leads, you can set that too. Our service works for any advertising budget.

We pride ourselves on customer service. If you receive leads that you consider are bad… meaning there was no way you could have booked the hunt because of some uncontrollable reason, then guess what? We won’t charge you.

So come give our service a test drive and get free leads for 30 days. Register here.

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Would Like to Thank Our Current Clients

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hunting guides and outfitters, and all the fishing guides for registering with us and trying out our service for free. In the near future we will be accepting those who would like to just have a free listing on our website without having to sign up for our leads program. We feel that our directory is something all guides should be able to benefit from at NO COST. Swing back by in the next few days and we’ll keep you posted.

Right now if you check out our directory listing you can see there are a few states still without any guides listed. Is this one of your states? If so, be one of the first to be listed in your state.

We are excited to really lift this service off the ground and begin adding value to your guiding business. Please take the time to offer any opinions you may have here at the blog or email us at

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Michael Lee Endorses

Just reposting press release dated on April 1st.


Michael LeeNew Hunting and Fishing Website receives major endorsement from Michael Lee, host of Backwoods Life TV., the website that matches hunters and fishermen with reputable hunting and fishing guides, announced today that it has engaged in phase one of operations by partnering with guides and outfitters all across North America to assist in the company’s aggressive growth. Steve Remington, Director of Operations, believes this will “substantially change the way sportsmen seek out guides for their upcoming expeditions”.

The website service makes finding guides and outfitters quick and easy by allowing the hunter or fisherman to provide a few details about their trip request, then matches them to the guides that can provide the service, and they receive free quotes by email.

This exciting new venture has been enthusiastically endorsed by Michael Lee, host of Backwoods Life TV (currently airing on the Pursuit Channel). “It’s quick, simple, and easy! takes the guess work out of booking a hunt with an outfitter or guide and provides an exceptional resource for hunters and fishermen alike.”

Kenneth Chesson, Freelance Videographer currently with Tom Miranda Outdoors says, “Kasey and Steve have hit a HOME RUN with! These guys are revolutionizing the way we look for guides!”.

For guides and outfitters looking to find new customers and grow their business, they can contact by emailing them at Right now, they’re running an introductory special where guides and outfitters can try out the service for free for 30 days, plus receive a free directory listing on the website. Looks to be a pretty good deal.

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