Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting GuidesWith wild, feral hogs reproducing at dramatic rates there is no better time to start hog hunting. Wild hogs are in plentiful supply, with little chance of extinction. In fact, with the hog population explosion, and the accompanying damage to agriculture and woods that hogs are wreaking means that many states are encouraging hog-hunting as a way to preserve the environment and stop the spread of disease. Hog hunting guides and hog hunters have become great allies to farmers and landowners alike.

As with all hunting, before you start it is wise to consider state and local wildlife laws and regulations, however, most states categorize hogs as free ranging livestock, and therefore are not bound by closed hunting seasons or bag limits. Texas, for example, treats hogs as a nuisance and allows hog-hunting year-round.

If you’re considering hog hunting, you can significantly increase your chances of success by choosing an experienced, well-regarded hog hunting guide who can put you on top of the hogs and provide you with sure-fire strategies for bagging your prey. There are many ways to hunt a hog and experienced hog hunting guides can explain these techniques to you, demonstrate them and ensure you have access to or know where to purchase the best supplies for your chosen method.

If you choose to use the tree stand method, a guide can provide a tree stand or teach you how to build one yourself. If you prefer to track and lure your prey, a guide skilled in hog psychology and behavior can show you how to identify hog scat, tracks and rooting, and then bait the hog once you are within striking or shooting range.

Since hogs have a keen sense of smell and hearing, learning hogs calls or where to obtain the equivalent of hog-perfume (hog urine or sweet-corn) can increase your chances of success. Once you are within range of your prey, you will need the best tools for making sure you kill and preserve it properly.

Hogs can be dangerously large and powerful. Fully grown hogs typically weigh between 200 – 400 pounds, and if they are traveling in a group, they can be very destructive. You need to have a proper bow, knife or rifle to penetrate and kill the hogs effectively and safely. Again, your guide or other experienced hunters can act as resources to help you make the best decision about the gear you will need.If you succeed in catching your prey, your guide can also tell you how to best clean-up and preserve your meat for later.

By hog-hunting you can fulfill your need for adventure, increase your skills, better your diet, preserve the environment and perform a public service. Hog hunting provides access to protein with a lower fat content than supermarket meat, so learning these techniques is really helpful. In addition, many states agriculture will positively benefit from your contribution to reducing this nuisance. Get free quotes from hog hunting guides today!

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