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Wisconsin Man Suspected Of Killing 100 Deer, Giving Hunting A Bad Rap

This is the sort of story that makes hunters and conservationists cringe.  Fox News reported that Nathan Blaha and 3 other young men from Wisconsin are being charged with “thrill killing” and are suspected of killing 100 deer within the … Continue reading

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Why You Should Hire A Hunting Guide or Outfitter

The decision to hire hunting guides and outfitters comes down to one thing: experience. The guide or outfitter must have experience and expertise that you do not, or else you will find yourself guiding the guide. In general, there are … Continue reading

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Hog Hunting

With wild, feral hogs reproducing at dramatic rates there is no better time to start hog hunting. Wild hogs are in plentiful supply, with little chance of extinction. In fact, with the hog population explosion, and the accompanying damage to … Continue reading

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Prepare Your Favorite Fish and Game Recipes

… and reap the rewards of your hunt. There is nothing more satisfying than preparing a nice tasty dinner from the game you personally harvested. As food prices continue to climb, there is more reason to harvest your own food, … Continue reading

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Elk Hunting Outfitters

Are you interested in planning an elk hunting trip? Elk hunting outfitters can save you a lot of time and provide quality elk hunts. Elk hunting guides practically eliminate the time consuming research required to find the “best place to … Continue reading

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Go To Alberta Canada For Your Next Hunting or Fishing Adventure

Alberta, Canada has one of the most diverse terrains in all of the Canadian Provinces. From the rugged mountains to the rolling plains, you can find a massive array of things to do. When it comes to trophy hunting you … Continue reading

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Maine Bill Could Criminalize Bear Hunting and Trapping

Bill draft 1080, as presented to the Maine Legislature by Representative Alan M. Casavant (D- Biddeford), could criminalize bear trapping and bear hunting with dogs. In a news report from the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, the hunting advocate group quotes, Skip … Continue reading

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