Guess The Final Score Contest’s College Basketball Contest

Guess the final score of tonight’s KU vs. Kentucky championship game and win a $25 Cabela’s Gift Card!

(Must provide your guess before tip-off)

Enter your guess in the comment section below.  Good luck!


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Wisconsin Man Suspected Of Killing 100 Deer, Giving Hunting A Bad Rap

This is the sort of story that makes hunters and conservationists cringe.  Fox News reported that Nathan Blaha and 3 other young men from Wisconsin are being charged with “thrill killing” and are suspected of killing 100 deer within the past two years. A penalty which could land him in jail for 6 months and a minimum $1,000 fine. It’s reported that Blaha admitted to being involved in a contest to see who could bag the most deer.

What’s really unfortunate about this, is the bad rap it gives to the sport of hunting, lumping ethical hunters and the Nathan Blaha’s of the world all into one group. Can you imagine the affect that this could have on hunting regulations, not only in Wisconsin, but other states and provinces? This will be an interesting case to watch and a good reminder to teach our youth about ethical hunting practices and prepare them to act morally and responsibly on all their hunting trips.

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See, Even Deer Want To Go Fishing!

This deer wants to go fishing…


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Have A Squirrel Problem?

Here’s an inventive way to get rid of those pesky squirrels.  Wonder if it could work on raccoons too?

squirrel slingshot

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Texas Whitetail Outfitters

Texas is an incredible state, full of a variety of species of game, and offers some of the finest whitetail hunting in the nation.  And with archery season opening October 1st and rifle season starting November 5th (according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife website), there is a mad scramble for deer hunters to find reputable outfitters and get their trips booked in time.

However, readers of the blog are in luck because, as always, we are offering FREE Texas deer hunting quotes from the reputable Texas whitetail outfitters listed in our network.

What this means for you is that instead of wasting hours searching through the yellow pages or scrolling through dozens of pages on Google to find an outfitter that can provide a whitetail hunt for you, but not knowing if they are trustworthy or not; you can instead simply fill out our Online Form and have the reputable, pre-screened, outfitters in the network deliver a FREE hunt quote to your inbox.  You can get up to 6 outfitters competing for your business for any of your hunt requests.  And when outfitters compete for your business, you win because you get a great price on the hunt you want.

It’s quick, easy, and free.  And best of all, it saves you time!  Click Here to get started.

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Remembering 9/11

God bless America.  It’s been 10 years since the September 11 attacks in 2001 and look at us now – a nation stronger and safer than we ever have been.  

We, at, would like to salute the men and women in the armed forces for continuing to protect our country from all threats of terror, on the homefront and over seas.  Thank you and God bless.

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Plan Your Hunting or Fishing Trip This Labor Day Weekend

Just as a friendly reminder, the time off from work this Labor Day weekend provides a great opportunity to begin planning that hunting or fishing trip you’ve been wanting to take.

And makes it EASY to plan your hunting or fishing trip by giving you FREE quotes from multiple guides or outfitters, specific to the hunting or fishing trip that you want to book.  Simply fill out the Get Free Quotes form for the type of trip you’re interested in, and the guides or outfitters in our network that can provide your hunting or fishing trip will send you a free price quote, right to your inbox.  It’s that easy.

It always pays to shop around to get the best deal, whether it be on a new truck, television, or hunting or fishing trip, and that’s what was created for – to help you to find the best deal on your next hunting or fishing trip, because when hunting and fishing guides compete for your business, you win.  Best of all, our service is completely free to use!  So, when you’re ready, simply CLICK HERE to get started on planning your next hunting or fishing trip.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Why You Should Hire A Hunting Guide or Outfitter

Hunting Guides And OutfittersThe decision to hire hunting guides and outfitters comes down to one thing: experience. The guide or outfitter must have experience and expertise that you do not, or else you will find yourself guiding the guide.

In general, there are three kinds of hunters who should consider hiring a guide or outfitter: new hunters, experienced hunters in a new area, or experienced hunters pursuing a different species of game. The guide or outfitter you select should have not only a depth of hunting experience, but the kind of experience relevant to the species and location you’re hunting.

The first category of hunter is the one that most obviously needs a guide. Because every type of hunting — whether longbow, shotgun, or rifle — involves some element of danger, new hunters should always seek the assistance of an experienced hunting guide or outfitter. Guides will be able to introduce you to hunting etiquette, to the particular terrain of the hunting area, show you remote hunting grounds and how to access them, and teach you how to locate your game (whether elk, deer, bear, or other game). For a beginning hunter, the guide or outfitter you hire will be a mentor, introducing you to the world of hunting.

Obviously, new hunters need guides — but experienced hunters may also need a guide. This is particularly true when hunting in a new area. For recreational hunters spending a vacation on a hunting ground far from home, a guide is a must. The guide can introduce you to local hunting conventions, and take you to hunting grounds off the “beaten path,” a must for a successful hunting trip. Locations popular with out-of-town hunters are likely to be overrun with hunters and sparsely populated with prey; a local hunting guide will lead you to more remote hunting grounds known to local hunters.

And finally, even experienced hunters familiar with the territory should seek a guide when pursuing a new game for the first time. An experienced pheasant hunter on his first alligator hunting trip may be in for a nasty surprise if he doesn’t have an experienced guide! But even less dangerous game may prove elusive without the aid of an expert and experienced guide.

For all these reasons, hunters new and old should choose a hunting guide for one reason: experience. When choosing a hunting guide, make sure to ask him about his experience with the desired area and species you’re hunting. Selecting the right guide can be as important as selecting the right gear. To get started finding hunting guides and outfitters and receive free quotes by email, just click the link.

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Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting GuidesWith wild, feral hogs reproducing at dramatic rates there is no better time to start hog hunting. Wild hogs are in plentiful supply, with little chance of extinction. In fact, with the hog population explosion, and the accompanying damage to agriculture and woods that hogs are wreaking means that many states are encouraging hog-hunting as a way to preserve the environment and stop the spread of disease. Hog hunting guides and hog hunters have become great allies to farmers and landowners alike.

As with all hunting, before you start it is wise to consider state and local wildlife laws and regulations, however, most states categorize hogs as free ranging livestock, and therefore are not bound by closed hunting seasons or bag limits. Texas, for example, treats hogs as a nuisance and allows hog-hunting year-round.

If you’re considering hog hunting, you can significantly increase your chances of success by choosing an experienced, well-regarded hog hunting guide who can put you on top of the hogs and provide you with sure-fire strategies for bagging your prey. There are many ways to hunt a hog and experienced hog hunting guides can explain these techniques to you, demonstrate them and ensure you have access to or know where to purchase the best supplies for your chosen method.

If you choose to use the tree stand method, a guide can provide a tree stand or teach you how to build one yourself. If you prefer to track and lure your prey, a guide skilled in hog psychology and behavior can show you how to identify hog scat, tracks and rooting, and then bait the hog once you are within striking or shooting range.

Since hogs have a keen sense of smell and hearing, learning hogs calls or where to obtain the equivalent of hog-perfume (hog urine or sweet-corn) can increase your chances of success. Once you are within range of your prey, you will need the best tools for making sure you kill and preserve it properly.

Hogs can be dangerously large and powerful. Fully grown hogs typically weigh between 200 – 400 pounds, and if they are traveling in a group, they can be very destructive. You need to have a proper bow, knife or rifle to penetrate and kill the hogs effectively and safely. Again, your guide or other experienced hunters can act as resources to help you make the best decision about the gear you will need.If you succeed in catching your prey, your guide can also tell you how to best clean-up and preserve your meat for later.

By hog-hunting you can fulfill your need for adventure, increase your skills, better your diet, preserve the environment and perform a public service. Hog hunting provides access to protein with a lower fat content than supermarket meat, so learning these techniques is really helpful. In addition, many states agriculture will positively benefit from your contribution to reducing this nuisance. Get free quotes from hog hunting guides today!

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Hunting and Fishing Outfitters Get A Free Directory Listing is happy to announce a new feature on our website. We now offer a FREE directory listing located here.  Your directory listing will look similar to this one. Previously you would receive a free listing of your guide service when you joined our customer leads program. Today, we are set up so that you can get a free listing without even joining our leads program. All hunting outfitters and fishing outfitters in the United States and Canada are welcome to use our site to receive a free guide directory listing.

All you need to do to get listed for free, is first register here. Then once approved (we screen all registrations to make sure they are real people), you can log in to your control panel to upload your Logo and up to 6 Photos. You can also enter in your company description and a few customer references.

Your listing will also display your Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and a link to your website.

Just remember you can upgrade at any time to join our full service of receiving customer leads without having to re-register. And what is really great about our program is we offer a 30 Day Free Trial to give it a test drive. Our pay for performance advertising strategy saves you money and ultimately allows you to take control of your budget through our new and sophisticated control panel.

Below you can see a glimpse into your control panel. To the right of the image you will see a message reminding you that you can upgrade any time. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Control Panel -


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